MHFT Newsletter -- March 23, 2015

MHUSD Board Meeting Tuesday, March 24 -- Important!

Please attend this Tuesday, March 24 at 6:00 p.m! Can you bring a friend? If you read the Morgan Hill Times or the San Jose Mercury last week, you are aware that there were a number of issues at the board meeting on March 10th. It is critical that the MHUSD board members know that we care deeply about our students and schools. We have dedicated our professional lives to the MHUSD students and community. In addition, the majority of teachers live within our district and send our children to our schools. Many of our new teachers would like to ultimately live in Morgan Hill which is why the Federation is working to improve salaries and investigate affordable housing for our educators.


MHFT Newsletter -- February 23, 2015

MHFT Scholarships

Every year, MHFT awards modest scholarships to children of current or retired MHFT members. If you are the parent or guardian of a graduating senior who is going on to college in the fall (whether or not the student attends school in our district), please click here to access the file. We will also accept a copy of the common scholarship application. Applications are due in the Federation office by 4pm on April 15.


MHFT Newsletter -- February 5, 2015

Negotiations Update

Welcome to Jen Myers (Barrett), our newest Negs Team member!
Initial survey results are available online at Thanks to all who took the time to respond.

Our Negotiations Openers letter will be presented at the Feb. 10 MHUSD board meeting at 6pm at the district office. We are inviting all MHFT members to attend the board meeting in solidarity with your negotiations team. It is a powerful message when many teachers are in the audience during this important public meeting.


Pre-Negotiations Survey, January 2015


MHFT Newsletter -- January 14, 2015

Annual Professional Reminders

  • If you are actively seeking a new job, or even a transfer, it’s a good idea to inform your principal (in a one-on-one meeting) before s/he gets called for reference checks. That call should not be how s/he finds out that you are looking.

MHFT Newsletter -- October 31, 2014

Election Countdown: 4 Days

Need a reason to vote? It's simple, really.

Working people, whether we're teachers or firefighters, grocery clerks or bricklayers, need a seat at thetable if we're going to be able to put food on the table for our families. Our seat at the table comes from making our voices heard on Election Day.