MHFT Newsletter -- March 1, 2017

Negotiations Update

While we were unable to reach a settlement, a considerable amount of work was done at the February 15 mediation session.  The mediator made a proposal for compensation that he believes is fair to MHFT and the District. He directed both sides to present this to their leadership (our Executive Council and the School Board). If both parties agree to the mediator’s proposal, he believes that we can reach a settlement soon.


MHFT Newsletter -- November 2, 2016

School Board Election

If you have been to a school board meeting recently, you know that the board meetings have focused more on conflict than on community input and productive discourse about public education. The board often spends more time approving the agenda and minutes than on discussion and questions regarding action items that affect our students and our members. We need to have a board that will work together for our students and our members.