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Contract Ratified!

June 6, 2014 – Happy Last Day of School!


We would like to thank all of you who provided feedback and voted for the tentative agreement. The vote was 244 yes & 13 no votes.

The negotiations team would also like to thank you for your patience as we are in crunch time both in our classrooms and in negotiations. We hope that you had a chance to carefully read the information about our tentative agreement, attend your MHFT site meeting for details and vote on this contract.

We would like to provide you with additional information regarding our process and the survey results.

TIMELINE & PROCESS:  Our negotiations team began the process in February. We worked with our building reps and officers at our bimonthly meetings to identify our openers and established several key sub-committees to assist in this important work.

Our negs team held meetings throughout the month of March, April and May. We also worked with our building reps in order to refine our direction. The sub-committees, your survey results, and our building reps and officers all gave important information and feedback to our team.  Three formal negotiations meetings were held.  At our last meeting, Monday, we met for seven hours after our regular work day to reach a tentative agreement.  

SALARY:  Our survey results showed that the majority of our members placed the highest priority in increased salary. We believed that this was particularly important as we only received a 3% increase in salary in 2013-2014 (2% on-going + 1% one-time) and a 1% bonus in our pay in the 2012-2013 year to compensate for the furlough day that we took in October 2012.

Please look for the most recent salary schedule that included the 2% on-going and 1% one-time enhancement that reflects your salary for the 2013-2014 year and an updated salary schedule that will include the 5% increase in addition to converting the 1% to on-going money. We hope to send the two salary schedules out later today. We are still confirming numbers on the new schedule.

We had several Salary Committee meetings and will continue to meet.  During the summer, the Salary Committee will meet to update the salary comparison information. We will share this salary information with our members and the board. We are committed to increasing salary in order to be more competitive. It is our goal, as well as the district’s goal, to be able to provide a salary schedule that will attract and retain highly effective teachers.

HEALTH & WELFARE:  Our survey results, as well as feedback from our building reps and unit members, was consistent. This is a high priority area. Approximately 2/3 of our unit members take medical benefits. For this year, we chose to focus on additional compensation in the salary schedule rather than benefits as we have 1/3 of our members that do obtain their medical coverage elsewhere.

Although we did not negotiate an increase in this area, we were committed to looking at alternative ways to improve this area. Our Health and Welfare Committee met several times this spring. The Affordable Care Act mandates that MHUSD must offer a “bronze plan” to our members by January 1, 2015. This is a plan that will have cheaper premiums and higher deductibles. CalPERS (the agency that provides our healthcare coverage) currently does not offer this type of plan. We will know what their 2015 package looks like around June 20, 2014.

We want our members to have a variety of options as many people would prefer to keep the “gold plan” that has higher premiums and lower deductibles. Healthcare coverage is a complicated subject that is changing through the recent reforms. We have many issues to consider as our plan covers retirees and active members. The Healthcare Committee will continue to meet and assess the different possibilities in order to provide recommendations to our negs team. Plan to attend informational meetings that will occur in 2014-2015. This will definitely be a high priority when our 3-year contract expires in June 2015.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT DAYS:  Many teachers expressed their concerns about having to leave the classroom to participate in professional development this past year. This has become increasingly difficult as we experienced a sub shortage this spring. The other option that teachers had was to attend professional development during the summers, breaks, or weekends. This work is paid at the substitute rate of $115 per day.

As we convert to Common Core curriculum and attempt to improve student achievement for all students, especially our ELL, economically disadvantaged, special education and Latino learners, further professional development will be needed. By adding two days to our work year, we are including professional development days that are paid at our per diem rate and count toward our retirement. The overwhelming majority of teachers wanted two additional days added per our survey results. 

STIPENDS:  Our Stipend Committee met twice this spring and decided that they would like to continue meeting because of the complexity of the issues surrounding additional compensation. We had several statements on our survey to be able to provide the Stipends Committee with broader feedback. The district has an interest in making changes to the contract that might have reduced stipends in some areas and shifted the money to our salary schedule by distributing the work load. Based on the committee work and member input, we did not think that our membership had an interest in this option. Our survey results confirmed that direction.

We did not make any changes in the stipends for our contract during this negotiations cycle as the Stipend Committee will need to further review comparables and options. There was a large majority of our members who indicated that they would like to see the stipends revised to reflect a more competitive and equitable distribution. We will continue with this work in the fall of 2014.

LEAVES & SHARED CONTRACTS:  We did not negotiate any changes to these sections of the contract. Negotiations is a process of give and take. The district and federation have different interests in both of these articles, therefore any changes will take time and compromise for both sides. Due to the compressed timeline, we decided to address these articles in the next contract.

SUPPORTING OUR PUBLIC SCHOOLS, FIGHTING CHARTERS AND THE UPCOMING SCHOOL BOARD ELECTION:  After reviewing our survey data, we were pleased to see that many of our teachers are willing to attend school board meetings, county board meetings and community/school events to support our public schools.  A smaller number of teachers are willing to communicate with parents and community members by either distributing informational materials or sending information electronically.  Even fewer of our members are interested in donating money and/or time to support our next school board candidate election.  All of these activities will be critical for us to begin in the Fall, so we will need everyone to do their part.  Please continue to read our newsletters, keep informed on these issues and we do believe that working together we can succeed in supporting all of our Morgan Hill public schools!

LOOKING FORWARD:  We have been informed that four charter schools will be applying to our district this fall, including both middle and high school charters.  With possible decreases in student numbers and teacher layoffs, we believe that it was beneficial to settle our contract before this flurry of activity begins.  In addition, if we did not settle our contract by August, our members would experience a pay decrease as last year’s 1% off the schedule would have expired.

We appreciate all of your support and dedication to our profession and the students that we serve! HAVE A WONDERFUL AND RESTFUL SUMMER!

MHFT Negotiations Team



Teacher Support Network Side Letter

MHFT and MHUSD have convened a joint committee to monitor a Teacher Support Network, hereafter in this document referred to as TSN committee.  This committee includes members from MHFT and MHUSD administration who have created, composed and will continue to edit required documents for the above mentioned model.  Both parties agree to continue to pilot the Teacher Support Network (TSN) model utilizing the process described in this side letter. 



Only permanent unit members in their evaluation cycle year who have previously received a does not meet standards on the overall summary rating are required to participate in the full program of support.  Any teacher receiving a partially meets standards on their overall evaluation rating may apply to participate by the last instructional day of the school year.   Teachers who received support from TSN and received a “Meets Standards” on their overall evaluation rating may continue in TSN if the TSN panel so recommends.


The TSN committee will establish the process and protocol for the participating teachers to be provided support.  The success of this intervention will be monitored by an established TSN panel.  This panel will consist of three administrators and three MHFT representatives and possible alternates.  This panel will make a recommendation to the superintendent or designee for next steps in the evaluation process by February 13, 2015 and may include information from the final administrative evaluation documents. 


Training for site administrators and MHFT building representatives and officers will be presented by the District and Federation. 

Teachers accepted into the TSN program will be provided training on the process and protocols by September 15th 2014.

TSN support providers and panel members will receive training as needed.

All required teacher support documents will be available electronically to participating teachers and administrators and hard copies will be available from site administrators and Human Resources upon request.


The following timeline has been agreed upon for TSN Model.  If any of the following dates are not met by the administrators and/or teachers, these failures and their causes are to be documented on the TSN pilot assessment. 

General Timelines

By the last instructional day of the prior year: unit members that are mandated to receive support will be notified of their participation in the TSN.

By July 15, 2014:  TSN panel members will be selected.
By August 1, 2014: TSN support providers will be selected and Unit members applying or mandated for support shall be notified of their participation status in the TSN.
By September 15, 2014: Eligible teachers shall be trained on the specifics of the TSN Model and will be assigned their support providers. Participating unit members will be required to meet the date and deadlines prescribed in the MHFT/MHUSD agreed-upon TSN model documents.
By February 13, 2015:  Final administrative evaluation documents will be provided to the superintendent or his designee
By March 2, 2015: The TSN panel will provide a copy of the recommendation for next steps to the participating teacher and the superintendent/designee.
The superintendent or designee will consider the findings and recommendations of the panel in the next steps of the evaluation process. 
By March 13, 2015: The superintendent’s final written recommendation will be given to the unit member in writing.

A unit member’s signature indicates receipt, not agreement of the final recommendations. Unit members have the right to submit a written response to the Human Resources Department within ten (10) days of receiving the evaluation and any response submitted within the ten (10) day period shall be attached to the summative evaluation and placed into the unit member’s personnel file.


Both parties agree to participate in this process during the duration of the 2013-2014 school year, and with mutual agreement extend the pilot through the life of this contract.  The final form of the TSN Model is subject to collective bargaining and will be included in the MHUSD/MHFT CBA 2015-16.

Furthermore both parties agree that if there are any discrepancies between this side letter and the approved TSN Model documents, the TSN Model documents shall take precedence.

Modifications to TSN documents and/or the TSN side letter are made by agreement between the Superintendent and the MHFT President.  Both parties agree to extend the sideletter through the 2014-15 school year with the intent to incorporate the language of the sideletter into the MHUSD/MHFT CBA 2015-16.