MHFT Newsletter -- May 18, 2016

Offers of Employment

In the April 2016 HR Insider, the following statement was made about contracts:

"Typically, offers of employment (contracts) for the 2016-17 school year go out to your school sites the first week of May. This year, due to a recent Call to Action by MHFT, Human Resources is reviewing our annual process. We do not want teachers and site staff to be in an uncomfortable situation. Meanwhile, please know that teachers in probationary and permanent status, unless they have already been notified, ‘shall be continued in the position.’ (Ed Code 44951).”


MHFT Newsletter -- March 29, 2016

Negotiations Survey

Please go to and fill out the negotiations survey, if you haven't already done so.

This information helps us to prepare our positions and interests for negotiations, and it is also good data to share with the District. It helps us to have a strong position if ALL OF OUR MEMBERS take the survey.


MHFT Newsletter -- February 8, 2016

Welcome back, Gemma!

We are happy to report that Gemma is back in the office full time this semester. Joining her as office staff are Lori Shoemaker, Andrea Kusanovich, and Terri Eves-Knudsen, who are released part time, and remain in the classroom (or library) part time.


MHFT Newsletter -- December 18

Large Turnout to Call for Resignation of Board Member David Gerard

Thank you to all teachers who came to the board meeting this Tuesday, and to all those who spoke up to support students, teachers and our district to denounce the inappropriate emails from Mr. Gerard. The evening was impressive with students, teachers, administrators, and community members all asking for his resignation. It was heartwarming to be joined at this meeting by so many highly-regarded members of the community, including Roger Knopf (Inaugural Recipient of Leadership Morgan Hill’s Excellence in Leadership Award), George Thomas (longtime Chair of the Live Oak Foundation), former MHUSD Trustees Shellé Thomas, Julie Zintsmaster, and Kathy Sullivan, and Brian Sullivan (Charter School of Morgan Hill Trustee). Many of these people took to the microphone, and the theme was clear: our district and community are better than the behavior exhibited by Mr. Gerard.


MHFT Newsletter -- October 28, 2015

Taste of Morgan Hill Thank You!

Huge thanks again to the 24 teachers who came out! It was wonderful to have teachers pass out mascot coloring sheets, crayons, and candy. While simple, this work is extremely important.

Tickets to the San Jose Barracudas Union Night on October 9th were given as a thank you to those who worked in our booth. While the Barracudas did not prevail, it was a fun first game for MHFT and the Barracudas (who just moved to the West Coast).