MHFT Newsletter -- October 29, 2014

Election Countdown: 7 Days

Mail-In Ballots

Approximately 70% of Morgan Hill ballots are completed via the mail-in system. Ballots must be received in the mail by November 4 to be counted in this election. Encourage all to mail their ballots no later than Wednesday, October 29 to be sure they arrive on time. If people miss the deadline to mail in their ballots, please encourage them to drop them off at any polling location on November 4 before 8:00 p.m.


MHFT Newsletter -- October 24, 2014

Election Countdown: 11 Days

What can convince a county board that has approved  40 charter schools (including 20 Rocketship schools) in 11 years to uphold the local denial of VOICES and Navigator by the Morgan Hill Unified School District?   It is a simple answer . . . Claudia Rossi being elected to the Santa Clara County School Board and Steve Klem, Donna Foster-Ruebsuch, David Gerard, and Ron Woolf being elected to the Morgan Hill Unified School Board. 


MHFT Newsletter -- October 23, 2014

San Jose Mercury News Endorses Hover-Smoot:

Charter schools are one of the hottest controversies in county education circles, especially when it comes to Rocketship schools, which attempted a rapid expansion that has been stopped or at least slowed by a court ruling.

The county board needs knowledgeable members who will work collaboratively with the county's 31 school districts on charter proposals, which parents often support.


MHFT Newsletter -- October 22, 2014

Election Countdown: 14 Days

The upcoming election is the most critical election in recent history for MHUSD! We have a clear choice and need to elect candidates who support the innovation that is happening in our neighborhood schools and who will support all of our students.

We must support Donna Foster-Ruebusch, David Gerard, Steven Klem, and Ron Woolf for MHUSD School Board, and Claudia Rossi for Santa Clara County Board of Education!


MHFT Newsletter -- Special Edition

Wednesday, October 15 County Board Meeting Matters!

This is a final reminder that the Voices and Navigator county appeals will be heard at the SCCOE board meeting (1290 Ridder Park Dr., San Jose CA 95131), Wednesday, October 15 at 5:00 p.m.

There will be no closed session and the appeals are the first two items.

We will have Chipotle burritos, bottled waters, and sweet treats served in the parking lot from 4:00-5:00 p.m for all MHUSD supporters.

We need all sites represented, and if you aren't sure that you make the difference, read the article written by Gemma Abels below. See you there!


MHFT Newsletter -- Special Edition

Navigator & Voices Charter Schools

County Appeal
Wednesday, October 15
5:00 pm

This is a time change!

Dear Educators, Parents, and Community Members,

Voices College-Bound Language Academy and Navigator Schools' charter petitions were recently denied by the Morgan Hill Unified School District. They have both filed appeals with the Santa Clara County School Board to open publicly funded charter schools in the fall of 2015, despite our local board's decision.